Sound Therapy & Imagery

“Sound Therapy and Imagery” is a special one-hour program combining meditative/relaxation breathing, listening and hand drumming techniques as well as music playlist development learned at Berklee College of Music’s advanced professional certificate program and ongoing American Music Therapy Association workshops. A guided slideshow visualizing images /videos from Nature compliments Tim’s live flute, drum, and vast keyboard sound library performances.

Tim’s meditative and relaxation breathing and playlist development techniques were honed under Berklee College of Music Music Therapy Chair Emeritus, Dr. Suzanne Hanser, Phd, MT-BC. The breathing exercises are basic and easy to teach combined with a variety of notes, chords, and phrases performed by Tim on Native American flute, authentic West African and synthetic USA Djembes and hand drums, or his powerful mobile Logic Pro X-powered piano keyboard, which accesses any sounds from grand piano and full string and horn sections to guitars and movie-caliber sound effects.

The goal of playlist development is to encourage individuals to create and organize their own groups of songs on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, or even CDs based on their moods and behaviors patterns. Participants are encouraged to also drum and sing along to their playlists and share them with others in the group.

Many of the Nature images and videos Tim utilizes during the program were taken by him on a 1,000-acre wildlife preserve behind his home. They are projected using screen mirroring from his laptop to your community room’s larger digital television or each individual’s personal digital viewing device.

Tim also offers his special five-part “Rhythm In Nature” YouTube outdoor drumming series as part of enrollment in this program. That gives groups and individuals the option to continue their meditative and hand drum learning on their own time. is a multi-faceted, self-employed music business offering online virtual and live performance, drum set and percussion lessons, drum history lectures, group djembe drum circles, drum and percussion repairs, and musician/band marketing. Email:

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