songwriting with piano

“Songwriting with Piano & Drums” draws from Tim’s recent Berklee College of Music coursework and ongoing accredited studies through the American Music Therapy Association. Tim graduated in 2020 from Berklee with an advanced professional certificate in music therapy, piano and audio recording. He has composed his own songs and with other bands and artists for more than 20 years.

Employing a mobile digital piano keyboard, up to 25 djembes or hand drums, and Logic Pro X on a MacBook Pro laptop, participants discover how to compose their own songs and lyrics, which are then professionally recorded.

Songwriting is a major method used professionally by certified music therapists.

Tim’s M-audio digital keyboard can access thousands of different software instruments such as strings, horns, guitars and sound effects to help inspire participants to work together on composing songs. Traditional verse-chorus-bridge song structure is taught as is optional lyric writing. Participants also create a group drum part for each song and can sing their lyrics or chants.

The 90-minute program works as a standalone to produce one finished song or as a series of ongoing compositions spread over weeks or months. Let’s write an album together! is a multi-faceted, self-employed music business offering online virtual and live performance, drum set and percussion lessons, drum history lectures, group djembe drum circles, drum and percussion repairs, and musician/band marketing. Email:

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