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‘KANE9’ Releases Second Album, “PA$$”

KANE9 (Christopher Miles Kane) released his second full RAP/Hip-hop album “PA$$” on July 31, 2020. Chris, 13, composed the entire album himself, playing keyboards, drums, vocals, lyric writing and most all sound design and loops. He self-recorded the album at his home studio using Logic Pro X, Behringer UPhoria, and m-audio. Below are the tracks linked to his YouTube account:


The 20’s


Check It




Next Level


KANE9 Releases Debut Album, “Fix U”

Christopher Miles Kane (KANE9) released his 
debut 7-track EP “Fix U” on Dec. 31, 2019.
He composed, played, self-recorded, and produced
all acoustic and electronic drum kits, keyboards,
bass, percussion,  lyrics and vocals.

No pre-recorded loops were used on this album.

View Lil’ K9’s title track full video , “I’m Gonna Fix You”, linked  here. View his “Moonlight 2” song placeholder video here.

Track MP3s linked below for free listening:

I’m gonna fix you

Moonlight 2

Ice Cold





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  1. Exceptional Alternative Rap with a clear message, smooth beat, matuculous movement as you journey with LilK9. Music Meets Mindfulness……❤

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