Drum Circles For Non-Profits

I currently host public setting hand drum and percussion group circle jams for local non-profit group charities, family celebrations, summer camps, schools and senior living centers. I currently lead group hand drum percussion circles for special needs senior citizens at the Center of Hope in Southbridge, MA, and for adults of all ages at Hitchcock Free Academy in Brimfield, MA.

The beauty of group percussion circle jams is participants don’t need any drumming experience in order to participate or even own drums. Whether you seek a classroom enrichment opportunity where I can briefly discuss the history and techniques of percussion before jamming out, yearn for that special surprise at a birthday party, or are planning programs for senior citizens and looking to add zest to their golden years, I can cater my public programming to any age group or setting.

Each participant in my percussion circle creates collaborative rhythmic jams after learning the basics on a variety of different percussive instruments. It is one of the best team-building and fun exercises out there. The magic is found in the group building upon its own creations.

I own a variety of authentic djembes made in Ghana, West Africa, domestic percussion instruments and accessories for groups as large as 20 members.

Percussion circle jam rates generally average a $150 flat fee for local non-profit, family and school settings. Mileage/transportation charged separately after 30-mile radius. Sessions can be video/audio recorded upon request for an additional fee.

Watch a quick YouTube video linked below capturing autistic kids and adults creating their own cool rhythmic jams at a recent Drum Circle Tim hosted for Autism Awareness Day at UMass Medical Center in Worcester on April 2, 2015 herehttp://youtu.be/nq3skECDis0

Email Tim at tim@kanedrums.com for information or call or text him at: 774-757-7636




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