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Drummer Tim Kane during his news executive shirt and tie days.
Drummer Tim Kane during his news executive shirt and tie days.

Deming, one of the world’s leading experts on employee productivity, recognized that it is often employees working at the lower levels who know the most about how to improve an organization’s workflow. The challenge is empowering those workers to suggest changes to their leadership to achieve optimal results. Hand drum circles provide a highly effective solution to this challenge.

Watch an April 11, 2017 partial video example here demonstrating my leadership team building approach among senior and middle management.

I know exactly how powerful team building can be to any organization and the methods used to motivate staff members. Your company is a microcosm of a larger culture that over thousands of years used community drumming to unify the group dynamic and improve interactions resulting in improved productivity.

As the host of a drum circle at your business, it would be my honor to provide the instruments that can accommodate up to 20 participants in one sitting and then guide your employees through the process. I resist telling them what to do and instead offers the tools for them to figure out what to do. This is accomplished by introducing hand techniques and basic world rhythms, encouraging participants to solo, and then guide them to create their own group songs as a whole and in smaller break-outs.

Drum circles of this style encourage employees to think outside the box while working together on a highly worthwhile team goal that removes their normal constraints or preconceived ideas. This fosters a creative and spontaneous process that breaks down barriers.

Beyond team building, playing hand drums is a lot of fun and a huge stress reliever. It is one reason why many corporations and businesses now use drum circles on a regular basis. The advantage you gain by hiring me as your drum circle facilitator is that I understand and have lived within the leadership challenges you face and can relate directly to employees of all levels. Most drum circle hosts don’t possess this corporate background and lack motivational speaking skills.

Teaching people to find their own inner sense of rhythm takes very little time at all and the results of improved teamwork and morale can be amazing.

My rate for businesses with more than 20 participants is normally a flat fee of $550 to host a one-hour drum circle experience, which includes mileage within a 20-mile radius of my home. For smaller groups, we can work out a lower price.  These charges are based upon several factors, including:

• Preparation and performance
• Gear transport both ways
• Gear set-up and breakdown time (done four times for one gig)
• Gear repair/replacement (if needed after gig)
• Gear cleaning (done after every gig)

This investment of time from my end results in it being about a four-hour time commitment, factoring in gear set-up, travel and break down.

I can provide great references of successful private and public circles recently hosted upon request. I look forward to hopefully doing business with you.

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