Drummer releases self-made trop-roc-pop album

Tim Kane of Brookfield, MA has released his first full-length trop-roc and pop-influenced album, titled “Love’n the Sunset Dunes”.

Born and raised in Auburn, MA, Kane is a self-employed full-time drummer, music educator, drum circle facilitator and songwriter.

The self-made 10-track all original album was composed, recorded and produced by Kane at his home studio. He composed and played all the instruments, lyrics and vocals himself as well as his signature sound on the full drum kit. The album was mastered at Wachusett Recording Studio in Princeton, MA.

Kane, who is the drummer with The Island Castaways Band, has published the album on all major streaming platforms, and chose YouTube as his preferred site to promote it for free found at: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCWRCb8zzpzj6H2190yhEjS78OD_kwdzT

“This album got legs during the Covid-era,” Kane says. “Like many working musicians, we found ourselves with lots of extra time during the pandemic. So I went back to college at Berklee School of Music to improve my piano playing and recording skills using Logic Pro X. That tutelage gave me the confidence to produce and mix my own full album.”

While Kane has previously released pop-centric original songs, he never delved into the trop-roc genre before joining his band five years ago. Lyrically, Kane feels the album themes are among some of the most inspiring words he’s ever written. His song lyrics reflect homelessness, tributes to many styles of American dancing, environmentalism, depression, love and loss, escapism, faith in God, and finding your place in the world.

“If folks find the time to really listen to the songs and lyrics, they’ll discover a definitive alternative musical feel with lyrics that appeal to a broad cross section of American values and lifestyles. This isn’t just a beach bash,” Kane says. “None of these songs sound the same. They all have their own unique characters and progressions.”

A lifelong musician, writer, and family man, Kane played real drum set, piano, trombone, aux. percussion, and guitar as well as a large array of digital instruments powered by his m-audio keystation. He sang all vocals and backing harmonies.

kanedrums.com is a multi-faceted, self-employed music business offering online virtual and live performance, drum set and percussion lessons, drum history lectures, group djembe drum circles, drum and percussion repairs, and musician/band marketing. Email: tim@kanedrums.com

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