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  1. Tim has taught me a lot. I started taking lessons because I wanted to branch out and learn different styles. I got that and more. Tim is a great teacher and really knows what he is talking about. He has helped me out with my playing and even given me a greater passions for drums!

  2. Hi Johnny: Thanks so much for the kudos, but as evidenced by this solo I recorded of you recently as a lesson, the props should be all yours. You have come a long, long way in a short amount of time.

  3. when i first started learning the drums from tim i was worried and thought that maybe the drums weren’t for me because of my lack of improvement, but after Tim told me to believe in myself I put my all into to drumming and with his help continue to improve every practice we have together

  4. I started taking lessons from Tim last year. Since then my skill as a drummer has changed drastically. He teaches from every angle to solidify your drumming ability

  5. Thanks Dustin for those very kind words. What I love about you is you love to learn progressive rock, jazz and funk – not just metal. Learning multiple styles makes you a much better and diverse drummer.

  6. When I started taking lessons I knew the very basics about drums. A couple weeks in a was already able to start playing songs I never thought I could before. Tim is a great teacher and he is very patient with students and makes sure that you have a full understanding of a topic before you move on.

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