Tiki tim’s trop-roc tributes

“TIKI TIM’S TROP-ROC TRIBUTES” is a special live and recorded weekly podcast powered through Zoom to Facebook Live, re-emerging later on RSS Feed and YouTube. Drummer Tim Kane hosts the show Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in his home-based recording studio turned tropical island paradise with everything miced up.

Tim’s show features guest trop-roc singer-songwriters from around the country during his in-depth live Zoom interview broadcasts, also appearing simultaneously on Facebook. Recent guests have included major trop-roc touring artists Ray Boone and Don Middlebrook as well as members of The Island Castaways Band among others. Tim also plays-along to his guests’s own original songs during the back half of his program as well as features a trivia contest and drumming tips and stories. Besides drumming, Tim has been interviewing people for more than 25 years professionally as freelance writer for newspapers, magazines, and online realm.

Learn more about Tim at: https://kanedrums.com/about-tim/