Tiki tim’s trop-roc tributes

“TIKI TIM’S TROP-ROC TRIBUTES” is a special weekly video and audio podcast powered through Zoom to Facebook Live, which is re-broadcast on live radio every Sunday at 8 pm at FLA.-based Shore Life Radio. Drummer Tim Kane hosts the show every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in his home-based recording studio turned tropical island paradise with everything miced up.

Tim’s show features regionally and nationally touring trop-roc singer-songwriters from around the country in an intimate, in-depth live Q&A and live performance format shown live at his FB biz page, facebook.com/timkanedrums. Recent guests have included major trop-roc touring artists Suny Jim White, Scott Kirby, Beth Travers, Ray Boone, Don Middlebrook and Tim Charron among many others. Tim also plays-along to his guests’s own original songs during the back half of his program as well as features a trivia contest and drumming tips and stories. Besides drumming, Tim has been interviewing music and entertainment personalities for more than 15 years as a freelance writer and blogger for newspapers, magazines, and online realm.

Learn more about Tim at: https://kanedrums.com/about-tim/