The Art of Drumming – both on drum set and hand drums

drums2016Combining the traditional drum set with Djembes and a variety of hand percussion, Drummer Tim Kane takes small and large audiences on a journey into the rich American history of drums as well as their immigrant and primal roots abroad.

Tim Kane w:djembesKane uses live drum demonstrations and performance mixed in with his narrative to convey the true art of drumming in a thorough and fun historical account.

He also leads smaller hands-on group drum circle workshops for 8-10 participants, which can occur following his main talk.

Feel free to click on the public YouTube links below to watch or download his most recent workshops to get a better idea of what he offers. The first film captures his lecture on the drum set and its history. The second video is from an actual drum circle workshop where participants composed their own group songs.
Both videos best viewed on a mobile device.
These videos were filmed live at The Cultural Center at Eagle Hill in Hardwick, MA on January 6 & 7, 2016.

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