The “Figaro Drum Fill” by Tim Kane

Though I did not create this drum fill – most likely it was innovated by Keith Moon and later by John Bonham – I believe I coined a cool name for it called the “Figaro Fill”.

Like the classical music Mozart composition “Fi-ga-ro”, I emulate the three syllables of that word in this fill demonstration played between the rack tom, floor tom and kick drum. Emulating actual spoken words on the drums is a great way to learn new licks. There is language present in musical phrasing. In fact, one can argue that all spoken language is a derivative of music and drums. I wrote a thesis about this topic in college once.

Toward the end of this short video, I add in a little double bass drum with the pattern built round it. Sorry for the poor sound quality. I’m working on that,

Very common fill to learn and adapt. Have fun with it.

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