TIM KANE’S DRUM TIP OF THE DAY: My top 10 drummer resolutions

Yes, it is New Year’s eve day and time to once again generate my musical New Year’s resolutions. So here’s my top 10 drummer resolutions:

1 – To never drop a stick again (yeah, right)

2 – To play more paying gigs because I am worth being paid

3 – To always carry the backbeat and be THE timekeeper

4 – To share my drum wisdom more on this page with a wider audience

5 – To play more jazz and funk styles since that is what I am built from

6 – To always smile at gigs and not have weird facial expressions

7 – To compose and record another full album on all instruments

8 – And to then put a band together and play all my originals at a live show

9 – To further refine my drum instructional prowess

10 – To be thankful and gracious at the true blessing being a musician is

Happy New Year!!!

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