TIM KANE’S DRUM TIP OF THE DAY: Too many legs and not enough room

No leg hi-hat stands make a lot of sense for today’s drummers as they eliminate the challenge of fitting three-legged varieties in between other drum gear. For example, if you play a double kick drum pedal, positioning the cymbals of a traditional two or three legged hi-hat stand to your stick sweet spot can be difficult, as can leaving enough room to move your left foot between your hi-hat and left kick pedal. A medium to heavy weight no-leg hi-hat stand solves that dilemma.

The same can be said for three legged boom stands. Finding enough floor area for boom stand legs without interfering with your drum rack base legs can be haphazard at best, especially at gigs where quick and efficient set-up is a must.

If you want to reduce the leg clutter around your kit, and the sheer weight of your filled hardware bag, use some of that Christmas money in 2015 to invest in no leg or two-legged cymbals stands.

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