Playing faster 16th notes on the hi-hat

TIM KANE’S DRUM TIP OF THE DAY: Wanna play lightning fast 16th notes on the hi-hat, but your arms fall off after 16 measures? Here are a few tips to try:

A) Practice at a slower pace and work 16ths up to desired speed as it really is all about developing that muscle memory.

B) For faster beats, make sure you play the hi-hat with the tips of your sticks and not the thicker neck/shoulder.

C) Open your hi-hats slightly to compensate for mistakes.

D) Be sure to breathe with the pace of the song.

E) Play upstrokes. Let the sticks do the work for you.

F) If your arm muscles are burning, you are doing something wrong. Slow down and re-evaluate the process.

Good luck!

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